Donors For Africa's inner circle membership is designed for the forward-thinking, passion-driven development professional, looking to make a visible impact in his/her community.

We are a social movement incubator dedicated to providing you with the right technical expertise to guarantee sustainability.

We enable purpose-built movements with a clear road map to tackle some of the biggest challenges in Africa. We help you create, launch, and scale up the impact of your work, providing the right platform to increase your visibility and thought leadership.

We are a Carefully Curated Connected Competent Collaborative Community. 


  • To raise transformational development leaders equipped with the right technical skills and competence
  • Join the  growing list of organizations that funding agencies can trust to implement the SDGs
  • To enable you to create empowered institutions with the right internal structures, armed with a clear road map for action
  • To help you identify your unique challenges and take active steps towards addressing each specific area.
  • Foster collaborations and new partnerships amongst development organizations
  • Develop your capacity to generate and mobilize resources- becoming more sustainable
  • To build a  strong community of like minds partnering for the global goals


“ I have been in the inner circle two years in a row and I plan to continue as we have experienced massive growth within our organization. This year, I now have a structured volunteer program and this has saved us a lot of stress. My team and I have learned effective ways of generating our content and telling our stories. We have increased our ability to collaborate with other organizations. This has increased our access to more opportunities especially to help more children.

— Adedolapo, founder, The Dolly Children Foundation 
“This was simply amazing!. Becoming an inner circle member was the best decision my organization made. We gained direction and narrowed our vision to focus on areas we are best at. CHIDI will keep being our mentor. We officially became registered and gained immense clarity. She is indeed loaded, full of knowledge, lots of passion for the growth of non-profit organizations in Africa. I have no regrets. The work continues until we achieve an inclusive African society for persons living with a disability''

— Dr. Michael, Founder, SOPPI Africa Foundation, Nigeria/Norway
“Wowww! Such growth in so short a time. Since joining the Inner Circle, we accessed new grants, built a strong organizational structure, and most importantly was handheld through it all. My management skills, stakeholders management, and resource mobilization have drastically improved. Being in the inner circle prepared us better to work as a non-profit. It has built our capacity in different ways. Please get on board''.


— Ezinne Okey-Uchendu, founder, Zinnok Initiative

“My confidence is off the charts. I can confidently own my journey without feeling that I am not doing enough. I have also learned to pace myself and celebrate little milestones. Meeting other members contributing in their own ways and making impacts has been encouraging. I now have a larger outlook on what my organization can achieve. Collation and development of organization documentation are at 75%. We have a clear organizational strategy plan. Our growth has been immense''

— Eniola,  founder, Tributary Initiative For Learning

“I gained a deeper understanding of how to run an effective non-profit organization. The program exposed me to the various opportunities available in the third sector. I gained more insight into current trends in the non-profit sector and how to utilize them in my organization. There is so much structure in my team and clarity of roles. Chidi's humility is also worthy to note. Always willing to provide honest and well-structured critic. I recommend this to any development leader looking to truly make an impact”

— Adesina, Executive Sec. Empowerment Initiative

“I came in contact with DFA when my organization was at its lowest and needed direction and clarity. Being an inner circle member has been one of the best decisions I have made so far. We launched the premier African mentoring platform for persons living with disabilities, I was accepted to attend the World Youth Forum, Egypt, I became an  African Changemaker Fellow. Coach, you don’t know how I look forward to that one on one sessions, it gives me brain reset. I wish I could have it every two weeks ''.

Aisha, Founder, Peniel Foundationn Foundation

“ When I joined the inner circle, I didn’t have an idea, not to talk of a social media page.  This might seem like baby steps but the clarity I have received led to the launch of my organization -the Gold Health Initiative, Since then, we launched our first wash station and I secured my first paid speaking engagement  and we continue to evolve stronger and better.''

— Rolayo, founder, The Gold Health Initiative

“The things we achieved since first joining the SIBC and then the inner circle was phenomenal. First, we gained clarity, launched the DIDI Project & collaborated on projects. When I began my journey, I was extremely eager to gain knowledge. By the end of the program, I not only gained knowledge but a strong network. I have now turned the ideas I had simply written on paper, into real projects. 
— Sharon, Founder, Cells of a Generation

“ This was simply beyond amazing! My vision changed completely and now I am doing exactly what I desire to do. The support system as we birthed our new project NDIC, the handholding and intense sessions, the network, and practical tips were exactly what we needed. I was taken out of my comfort zone and the results are evident. Do get on board if you sincerely want to make an impact

— Nkem , Founder, Matchlesslove Foundation 
“My gratitude knows no bounds when I reflect on the impact this has had on Mercy and Love Orphanage. We were at the point of confusion at the end of last year, but through series of webinars, one on one strategic classes and intense group coaching sessions, we were able to craft a more concise vision and mission statement with clearer goals, the confidence from that led to our probational approval from the ministry. I really appreciate the follow up to make sure we were on the right track and sincerely this year has been a good one for the home''
— Inem, Executive Director/Administrator, Mercy & Love Orphanage
“Being in DFA inner circle was an amazing experience for me. I learned so much about how to put a proper structure for my organization, how to write my nonprofit strategy. The valuable lessons, I learned from the organization cannot be overemphasized. I thank you immensely for opening my eyes to things I knew nothing about, I am grateful and I promise to make you proud ”


— Ebele, founder, The Kiek Foundation
“DFA was indeed an eye-opener. We all want to do good in our various fields in development and sustainability, but most times we don’t know how to tell our stories to the right audience, how to capture informative data and how to clearly state them. DFA helped changed my business model and aligned my vision and mission statement into reality''.

— Ngozi, founder-Dispose Recycler
“Being a member of the inner circle has helped me a lot. When I joined, I wrote down 3 goals but with the various webinars and sessions we have had, I was able to reconstruct the organization's vision and mission. So far, my goal changed mid-quarter and was achieved as well. Thanks, Chidi. I couldn’t have seen the cracks and rubbles without your help''

— Tega, founder, Because I Care Foundation
DFA has greatly helped us in gaining clarity and to remain true and focus on our mission. Working with DFA was the highlight of the year. They helped us gain clarity on our mission statement. The quality of our applications is not the same since  I joined the inner circle. Our capacity building and development programs have improved immensely.

— Juliana, founder, African Child Education
“In our monitoring and evaluation component, the inner circle has kept us on our toes in making sure we achieve our goals as well. I devised a way of raising funds irrespective of the donations we receive. I will say DFA does the magic if you are ready to put in the work. Finally, I was also selected to join the 2020 Kectil Program where I joined talented youths from all over the world''.

— Juliana, founder- African Child Education

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